What is there around Dalaman?


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You had better be up to one of the most famous touristic destinations of Turkey, Marmaris.  Every year over 3 millions people do. The city is located near the sea and it is initial point of The Turquoise Coast. Marmaris presents you a relaxing and amusing day with its beaches, bays and cruises.

You can visit the ‘’Red Sand’’ which is a knee-deep path in the sea, here you will be able to walk on the sea. Then you can find many beautiful goods at the matchless Grand Bazaar in downtown. You can have an unforgettable dinner at one of the restaurants in marina which is as near as dommit to Historical Marmaris Castle.

In the most famous Street of Marmaris ‘’Bars Street’’  You will be entranced and lose track of time while enjoying your drink, shows and dance here.


Oludeniz is located 14 km away from Fethiye and it is end of The Turquoise Coast.  It has a wonderful atmosphere with its azure blue water and its unique panaromic view.  Oludeniz is a ideal spot and one of the most popular holiday points in the World with its 3 kms long sandy beach.

The town is also famous with the sports paragliding opportunity and mount Babadag’s great conditions as take off point. Besides that, Oludeniz offers you a lovely night life with its terrace restaurants and bars without any hustle and bustle.


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If you are lucky enough, you will have time to explore the Akyaka, a lesser known sea coast village, a hidden paradise. People who know that destination pray to keep there silent and for themselves everyday.

After you swam in the sea, you will have your shower in the freezing river branch, called ‘Azmak’ . Beside its warmness, it is windy during whole summer so you will enjoy the sun without being sweltering.

Here it is welcomed to be with otters, ducks, eels and carps while you are having your dinner on the river coast. After you have been close to creatures under the water all day, it is undescribable to discover the pleasure of enjoying the stars upon the sky in Akyaka.


Dalyan is a small resort town only 20 kms away from Dalaman. It has become a favourite worldwide  destination while it was a fishing town.

With its river and nature it is a home to many living beings, in particular storks nest in the area every summer. And Iztuzu beach is one of the rare natural remaining nesting sites for endangered turtles, the Loggerheads.

Wetlands in dalyan are home to many fish species, rare blue crabs, birds and different kinds of freshwater turtles. A little further the river you can explore the Lycian ancient city Kaunos with its ruined amphitheatre and  3000 years aged historical sites and you can travel through the history. With the rock tombs of kings’ cemeter and its sedgy river, overlooking Dalyan is astonishing.

Saklıkent (Gorge)

Saklıkent, which means ‘’hidden city’’ in Turkish, is the longest gorge in Turkey and second longest in Europea with its 18 kms length. It is 300 mts deep at some points so sometimes it cuts most of sunlight out and freezing natural spring waters flow down. Saklıkent gorge is one of the most breathtaking excursions and best spots for trekking in Turkey. It is a favourite place to cool off or refuge for a picnic in a hot summer day.


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Gocek has turned into an internationally popular port city  in last decade. But still keeps its originality and develops in a great harmony with its environment and culture. Although the land prices have skyrocketed since it has been a top yatching center, farming is practised because of its fertile lands.

Gocek serves yatch tourism in the  region with its 6 marinas, and pine forests, beaches, blue voyage with its 12 islands, many coves which are described as hidden paradise makes the town indispensible with the crystal clear Mediterranean water. Millionaires’ harbour awaits you with its quality hotels and guesthouses.

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